Upcoming pilgrimages

Howdy pilgrims!

We’re planning some small group pilgrimages this autumn open to interested pilgrims.  Check the pages for Chimayó and for St Rose Philippine Duchesne.

Just this past spring, two small groups went along the Danube in Germany on a pilgrimage to visit many of the great and traditional monasteries that have flanked the picturesque and historical river for over a millennium.  In the summer, a small group of young adults were shepherded on a two-month journey dedicated to St Dominic and the foundation of the Dominican order in Spain and France.

There are some other pilgrimages in the works organized for particular groups.  Anyone with an idea of a pilgrimage is invited to contact us at societyofservantpilgrims@gmail.com for potential assistance in planning, organizing, or connecting with others who are drawn to a similar pilgrimage in the US or Europe.