Upcoming Group Pilgrimages: 

Howdy pilgrims!

Periodically, the Society of Servant Pilgrims organizes pilgrimage itineraries and some basic accommodation to allow pilgrims to enjoy the companionship of others while making a spiritual journey in the manner of a servant pilgrim.  Servant pilgrims engage with the people and communities encountered along the way to build trust among strangers, which is the foundation of peace.  Pilgrims have to opportunity to walk in solitude during the day’s journey yet have the comfort of not being alone.  They can individually arrange their own accommodation or enjoy the pilgrim tradition with staying with others in public halls.  If any are intriguing, please inquire for further information – societyofservantpilgrims@gmail.com

Rhineland Mystics Pilgrimage

8 to – 30 May, 2023
Basel, Switzerland to Cologne, Germany

From Hildegard of Bingen, OSB in the 12th century to Johannes Tauler, OP in the 14th century, numerous well-educated, innovative, spiritually minded theologians, academics, religious and lay men and women wrote extensively about the meaning of God and of life’s purpose and contemplative practices that seem as fresh and modern today as they were received then.  This pilgrimage will be appreciated by pilgrims interested in this epoch of Christian history and literature, walking at an easy pace of about 21 km/d (=13 mi/d)  along the Rhine River, visiting many monasteries (and vineyards).  More information about the mystics and about the pilgrimage.

World Youth Day Pilgrimage

1 June to 31 July, 2023
Toulouse, France to Lisbon, Portugal

World Youth Day is a great adventure for any faithful or seeking  young Catholic, but to make an epic journey by foot across mountains and wilderness, staying humbly as pilgrim guests in monasteries and parishes embraced by Providence extends the superlative for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  University students, grad students, young teachers and professionals with little money and the summer free who plan to attend WYD are the ones who will gain the most from this extraordinary opportunity.  The swift pace of 29 km/d (=18 mi/d) will surely captivate the senses and maximize life-changing experiences. More information

Chimayó to San Luis Pilgrimage

15 to 25 September, 2023
Chimayó, NM to San Luis, CO

The cultural diversity between two of the oldest Catholic shrines in the US to two of the newest inspires awe.  This pilgrimage route has been repeated many times over the last decade with many repeat pilgrims who testify to the deep spiritual atmosphere of the rugged and enchanted region.  The pilgrimage is scheduled to align with the High Road to Taos art tour.  The pilgrim who will benefit most from this pilgrimage is one who is attracted to religious art, architecture, history and high-desert nature overlain on the deep spiritual expression of the inhabitants through the last two centuries.  Because of the limitations of the villages to host pilgrims, the group will be kept to about 12.  More information

St Rose Philippine Duchesne Pilgrimage

23 October to ~ 18 November, 2023
Mound City, KS to St Charles, MO

This Camino-esque pilgrimage begins on rural farm roads and then continues on the Katy Trail, a converted rail line along the Missouri River.  The stages are set at the villages and towns that formerly serviced the steam trains.  Without traffic, pilgrims can walk take a series of leisurely strolls in the sleepy countryside and by the river.  St Rose Philippine is a French-born American teacher and foundress of many convents of much-needed teaching sisters and schools for all.  Late in life, she fulfilled her goal to teach the Native Americans after the Potowatomi were marched to what is now Mound City, KS.  More information

Saint Martin Loop Pilgrimage

~10 June to 4 July 2024
Tours – Poitiers – Tours, France

Saint Martin, 4th-century Bishop of Tours, pilgrim, hermit, abbot, and founder of Ligugé, the first monastery in Europe, is celebrated throughout Europe for his exceptional character.  A sense of his life’s commitment to equality, justice, humility, charity and tolerance can be experienced in a circuit beginning and ending in Tours, visiting many churches dedicated to him, several towns named for him, staying in his first monastery in Ligugé, visiting Poitiers, entering the church he founded and later died, in Candes and walking along the Loire River to his shrine in the Châteauneuf quartier of Tours.  More information

There are some other pilgrimages in the works organized for particular groups.  Anyone with an idea of a pilgrimage is invited to contact us at societyofservantpilgrims@gmail.com for potential assistance in planning, organizing, or connecting with others who are drawn to a similar pilgrimage in the US or Europe.


Our purpose is to encourage, support, and engage people in spiritual pilgrimage around the world.

We are a response to the directive by Jesus Christ,

“Love God above all things” and, just as important, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

As pilgrims, we serve this message by walking village to village through the world, to meet others and build trust which is the foundation of peace. Simply showing up to say, “Hello neighbor, peace be with you” Nothing more, nothing less and then walking along to the next town in the morning.


While on any pilgrimage Ann is not on computer or text message so response times for any communications can take up to a few months.


The function of this website is largely informational, run by volunteers, and designed for the following:

  1. Those in conversation about pilgrimage,
  2. Those with ideas about their own pilgrimage who would like to reach out to Ann, not as tour guide  but as pilgrim mentor or,
  3. Those wanting to join pre-planned pilgrimages. We are not a business and all of our pre-planned pilgrimages are in the line of service. Ann is a guide for them in a unique way and considers this one of her 4 Pillars of Pilgrim Life.

For those that want to help or support the Society, Ann, or other pilgrims please reach out to us and let us know what resource you have to tap into. We particularly are in need of international air miles and gear, like boots. Note that this email address is run by volunteers and response time is slow. 

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