Celebrating The SSP Launch & Ann’s 1600 Mile on the Way to Quebec!

This past week the Catholic Church celebrated the Jubilee for those Engaged in Pilgrimage Work, one of the first of many events during the Year of Mercy that celebrates and promotes every person stepping out on a spiritual pilgrim path.

Aligned with the calendar we thought it would be the perfect time to officially launch the Society of Servant Pilgrims, an organization designed to encourage, engage, and support spiritual pilgrimages around the world. Please take a moment and head on over to our new website. There you’ll find a video with Ann, our founder and life-dedicated mendicant pilgrim on our About page, view our map of North American Pilgrim trails, as well as engage with us through one of our up-and-coming events and engagements.

At the moment, Ann, is well past mile 1600 on her current pilgrimage to Quebec by way of Denver. We are always wishing her well and get excited every time she updates her blog. We are equally excited when we get to meet the people on her path by way of our Facebook page. We hope to connect with more of your there. And, if any of you are interested in engaging and volunteering with us in the coming months as we launch our inaugural events, scout new pilgrim routes, and help our partners, like Peregrinity, lead pilgrimages please do let us know.

In Service,


Volunteer, Society of Servant Pilgrims

Founder, Wild Dream Walks