In Dedication to Julia Greeley


Walk The Final Miles With Winter Pilgrim in Honor of Julia Greeley

On Ash Wednesday mendicant pilgrim Ann Sieben began walking from St. Louis, Mo., to Denver, traveling to sites where ex-slave Julia Greeley worked as a domestic in the 1800s, to raise awareness of Greeley’s canonization cause.

Set to arrive in Denver on Holy Saturday, all are invited to walk the last 5 or 10 miles with Sieben to her pilgrimage destination: the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, which houses Greeley’s tomb and where Sieben will celebrate the end of her Lenten journey by attending the Easter Vigil.

Details To Join The Final Miles:

When: April 20, 2019 Holy Saturday

Time & Starting Location(s)

10 Mile Walk ~ 11am at South Platte River Trailhead (East 88th Avenue & Colorado Blvd, Thornton) with blessing given by Farther Ron Cattany

5 Mile Walk ~ 1:30pm at Northside Park (Franklin Street & 51st Avenue, Denver)

You can expect to start walking within 15-20 minutes of these meeting times.

Ending Location:

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (1530 Logan St, Denver)

Getting There: 

It is highly recommended that you take public transportation or a taxi to the starting location of your choice. If you park your car at the starting location or at the Cathedral you will need to find your own public transportation to the start/end location or plan to carpool with a fellow walker.

What to Expect:

While you will be walking alongside Winter Pilgrim and other walkers, this is an informal event. Expect to go at your own pilgrim pace, take breaks when you need them and to bring all the food & water you personally need. This is a pilgrim style of walking which roots into presence, peace, and all pilgrims, no matter their experience walking alongside each other’s journey. You should expect to follow the path of other pilgrims but not expect to have a tour guide.

RSVP & Questions:

To join you simply show up at the starting point for the 10 or 5 miles walk. Winter Pilgrim is currently on pilgrimage and can not respond to RSVP’s or questions.

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