Autumn 2022 St Rose Philippine Duchesne

The pilgrimage is moving forward for the autumn 2022.  Individuals or small groups who would like to participate in a pilgrimage that is organized and accompanied by experienced pilgrims are invited to register that begins in Mound City on October 24th and arrives at the shrine tomb of St Rose Philippine Duchesne on Thursday, November 18th, 2022 for a total distance of about 335 miles in 26 days of walking.  Our Pilgrim Coordinator is Catherine,  you can reach her at

Experienced pilgrims with the Society of Servant Pilgrims will participate in the pilgrimage and make arrangements with parishes and communities along the way to ensure that basic accommodation and meals are available every night.  Any pilgrims who would prefer commercial accommodations where available must make their own reservations in those instances.  Pilgrims will be briefed on the options for the day’s route.  The route is generally quite flat and has a superb walking surface.

The group will assemble in Mound City on the evening of Monday, October 24, 2022, the walking begins on Tuesday, October 25th.  Pilgrims can join from the beginning or at any point along the way, with particularly convenient put-in points at Sedalia and Jefferson City because of the Amtrak access. 

The number of pilgrims is not fixed but shouldn’t overwhelm the host facilities.  Beginning at Mound City, a group no larger than maybe 8 or 12 would be an anticipated size.  Considering that additional pilgrims will be gathering the group toward St Charles, arriving with a group of 20 to 30 would be manageable.

Pilgrims are responsible for themselves in every respect and in acquiring their own equipment.  The Society of Servant Pilgrims will share camaraderie and encouragement and communicate with the parish and community hosts on behalf of the group rather than have each pilgrim contact them individually.  Pilgrims can join or leave the pilgrimage at any point along the route.  In some instances, there may be opportunities to attend religious services.  There is no pressure for any pilgrim to participate.

In situations with no restaurants where pilgrims can eat dinner and breakfast individually, arrangements might be available for parishes to provide meals, or pilgrims would be expected to contribute to a communal meal.  In general, lunches are prepared in advance and eaten on the trail.  There are many days without midday opportunities to purchase food.

Information about each day’s destination and route can be viewed in the interactive map as well as the summary chart above.