Our purpose is to encourage, support, and engage people in spiritual pilgrimage around the world.

We are a response to the directive by Jesus Christ,

“Love God above all things”

and, just as important,

“Love your neighbor as yourself”.

As pilgrims, we serve this message by walking village to village through the world, to meet others and build trust which is the foundation of peace. Simply showing up to say, “Hello neighbor, peace be with you” Nothing more, nothing less and then walking along to the next town in the morning.

This site is largely information based. Browse the menu tabs above to learn more about Pilgrim routes, the Society, and our Founder, Ann Sieben. You may subscribe to our newsletter below where we update folks as best we can in-between pilgrimages and volunteer time.

If you are looking for information about the Fall 2018 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne click here.